COVID-19   June 2020 UPDATE:



Governor Brown and the (OHA) Oregon Health Authority has outlined requirements affecting both givers and receivers of personal services.  PSA:  Lifting restrictions are not without risk regardless of age and particularly so for anyone having underlying health issues so that is why I am taking more precautions to keep us extra safe.



It's true  that conflicting reports exist about managing exposure. For this reason I"m staying on the side of caution. 

As anyone who has had a massage understands, close proximity and direct contact cannot be avoided so for this reason we will both remain protected through-out treatment.  While you are in my facility please remain masked to and from my office.

In the words of Ruthe Werner, a highly respected published researcher in the field of touch science:

[“ As we learn more about this situation, guidelines will change. This is a snapshot in time, and I dearly hope that in a year we will look back on this and say, “Yes, we’ve learned a lot since then.” But until that time, we must be cautious and conservative, so that we can keep to our promise to “do no harm.”]

What will be different?


  • Paying ahead and scheduling from my web-site is new and  required.  
  •  My health form is new as well as a COVID questionnaire. All clients seeing me are required to complete a health screening before appointment day.
  • If you are sick, stay home!  Sometimes colds and allergies look similar, if in doubt, shout out and stay home!  I want you well no matter the cause before coming in particularly now due to COVID.
  • If you have traveled outside of Oregon, especially by air, or been around anyone who has been exposed to COVID-19, please do the required 14 day quarantine before scheduling.
  • Water cups and in-room dispensing are discontinued at this time.  Consider bringing  a water bottle and have it ready in your vehicle for use after your appointment.  Hot towels are discontinued at this time as well.
  • You are required to wait in your vehicle until your specific appointment time.   If  you have a travel companion they will need to wait in their or your vehicle.  







  •  I, your Therapist, am required to wear protective coverings and will continue  to follow a very strict sanitation practice.   Things and activities in the treatment room will be different than you may have experienced before either with me or another business you may have been to.   I was well informed by my Dad who was an internal medicine Doc. and surgeon.  I learned early on how to keep my operating room neat and tidy!   This is to say that I am doing everything possible to re-assure you that I am taking things very seriously for your safety.
  • Even though I have missed you and love hugs when given for those who do that, we service providers have to remain 6 feet apart from everyone until the service is being performed, at least for now so hugs at this time need to wait with service being the priority concerning touch.
  • I have purchased a new  HEPPA (‘High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance’) certified filtration unit  from the IQAir Company for extra clean air in your treatment room.   You will have a rigorously sanitized surface on which to sit, stand and to place your belongings during your session time.  I've also added a noncontact dispenser  for my lotion so that there is absolutely no chance of cross contamination. 
  • Please keep personal items and non-essentials to a minimum bringing as few things into the room as necessary. 
  • You will be asked and are required to wash  your hands before entering my treatment room.  If you have long hair please put it up.   A comfortable disposable mask  will be given to you to wear unless you prefer yours.   Your visit and contact info will be recorded for the OHA if they require this information later.  You will again be asked a short series COVID-19 questions similar to the ones you will have completed on-line.   Your forehead temperature will be taken with a noncontact temperature reader. If your temperature is elevated above normal, you will be asked to reschedule.  Please take note of Oregon Public Health Authority’s public health postings at my office and in the restrooms.
  • Transparency and clear communication is the best policy regarding expectations and business practices overall. I intend the best possible experience for you while increasing safety precautions as much as possible for us both and our community while continuing to remain in compliance with my licensing Board and The Oregon Health Authority.

Thank you for your understanding as we make our way into a new way of doing business.