Knowing a client feels significantly better brings enormous satisfaction.  

Clients I work with come in all shapes and sizes, from little people to elders:  Are you here to get calm and relax?  Maybe in training and competing in athletics? Or are you an extreme enthusiast who plays hard on weekends?... Moving boulders around your yard...Gardening?  Do you work in a challenging profession requiring intense physical labor or are you someone  in a continuous stressful environment with work or otherwise?  These are the types of situations why clients  come in to see me for regular bodywork.  I've also worked with accident survivors from auto and other mishaps,  and clients who have had surgery with scar and flexibility issues (hip & knee replacements, spinal fusions) the injured having repetitive stress, back, neck and shoulder pain.

In most cases, massage for these clients reversed long held patterns with specific and notable improvements over time.  For example, in a particular situation, this person had  such restricted movement in shoulders that caused both arms to hurt with terrible pain referring into the neck with significant loss of range of motion doing normal daily activities. It took some time, but we got there with intentional therapeutic massage work and a recovery plan. Now they are back to being actively happy and moving those arms doing the the things that makes life productive and fun. 

When relaxation and de-stress  time happens,  in consistent intervals, it makes space for optimum health.  It's like brushing teeth daily and periodically seeing the dentist for maintenance and work, we do it because it's good for maintaining health in a vital part of our body.  Massage is like that, it supports circulation, reducing the build up of tension,  treating soft tissues of the body to help clear muscular-skeletal imbalances, rinsing the mind of stress with dedicated "you" time on the massage table.

Motivated by science and learning I was the one at book club who would have three interests going at the same time, two of which were  on some science article or book I was attracted to.   I Continue to love applying what I know by using that knowledge in my practice with a fastidious fascination of cause and effect, taking trainings and staying current on the science of my profession to help you achieve optimum health.

After 57+ years, I've discovered some things... humbling things... knowing what it's like to be distracted by pain, crashing the bike, over training for an event...recovering from injured and broken bones, being a mom, a teacher, a previous career corporate employee with ridiculous and stress filled deadlines ... from life's experiences including being in an unhealthy weight category and then committing to returning to physical fitness and maintaining...more or less.   I can relate to things you might be dealing with currently. As a professional manual therapist, I've a track record with a lot of miles.

We all make choices, we expand or contract. Life gives us a glorious opportunity to work on it. Come on in, and experience the benefits of massage...you will feel a whole lot better.

Best, Jody

Shoulder Pain Gone..."On a scale of one to ten, that was a ten!  Thank you, shoulder pain is gone."  Jack, Retired Teacher

Reversing long term back pain... "For the first time in weeks I'm not having any low back pain,..." Debbie, University  Administrator                                                                                                                      

 Going, going, gone...“I can’t believe it. I actually don’t have pain anymore.   The podiatrist said it was foot related but his treatment didn’t help it at all.  You figured it out and this whole last week I didn’t notice it like I usually do”, it’s gone, it’s totally gone!” Sue 


Feeling great after long distance race..."You are a miracle worker."  Jim, Eugene Marathoner                                                                        

Hands of Gold... "Jody has hands of gold" Gilad, Owner, Life Cycle Bike Shop

Very positive experience..."If I lived in Eugene, You'd be my primary care provider!" John, Eugene Visitor

 Intentional, thorough..."Your massage is intentional, thorough, and very therapeutic.  No one has ever attended to my calves the way you did...that was one of the best  massages I've ever had. Thank you!" Paul, Operations Manager           

Sleeping through the night without pain... "The discomfort that I felt was so bad that I didn't want to get up in the morning.  The pain in my rib is gone and I'm finally sleeping through the night.  I feel so much better since I've seen Jody.!"  Del

Thanks for a wonderful massage... "You totally cured my back muscle pain." Pam, retired Nurse

Compared to others, you are the best... "I have had a number of massages from different massage therapists over the years and by far, Jody is the best massage therapist I know."  Marilyn, Professional Care Giver; Sr. & Disabled Services

Eager to return...I feel ten times better... " I want to come back soon...." Holly

Immediate results now... "you did more for me  in 15 minutes than another therapist did in sixty. I think I'm becoming  a long time client of yours." Nancy, Writer

I feel wonderful... "It's so important to take care of ourselves, especially during  pregnancy, with work and scheduling, taking time for me today was the perfect thing..."  That was wonderful Jody! Every pregnant woman should do this!"  Veronica,  30 weeks. 

 Consistent attention and great service every time..."I don't know how you do it, that was the best massage ever.  That's how it is every time I'm here."  Rene