A Message to Clients and Visitors:



Hi there,   

Thank you for visiting this page.  For clients who may have missed this last communication and to new visitors, I have officially retired from all  manual therapy services and no longer providing home visits.    

An amazing career spanning twenty years in the massage therapy profession represents the privilege of service and trust of those who allowed the power of touch to be a part of their lives.  Thank you dear clients!   


Final thoughts:  I had hoped by making adjustments concerning COVID with increased safety measures and continuing to be available providing in office service would be enough to secure a brighter future  concerning the response to the pandemic.

Unfortunately those changes and a significant decline in clients coming back after  reopening and  over the previous months  is a strong indicator that maintaining an office is no longer sustainable.

Even with an abundance of caution,  many clients continue to feel uncertain about exposure.   Some, understandably, are undergoing financial challenges as well, while other's  have underlying health concerns and feel anxious seeking massage at this time. 

When I began my massage journey,  working within a COVID environment  was never something I'd imagine doing. But here we are.  We are seeing many in my profession and others in personal services close their doors in our town, state and across the nation. 



Cheers and love to all the people and First Responders who are doing their best to serve, cope and keep caring for those in need. 



The true  power of love is what will propel us in everything we do for ourselves and our world.







Blessings to you , stay healthy... and  be well.


Jody Green B.S., LMT,
Owner/Principal Whole Life Massage
Licensed Massage Therapist #7660
Prof. Member American Massage Therapy Assoc. 


Jody Green, B.S. LMT,
Licensed Massage Therapist #7660



Specialties: Pain relief, Sports-athletic performance, Pregnancy, Relaxation-stress & anxiety reduction, Pre & Post Surgery, Elder-Wise Massage, Massage Instructor.