What to Expect


First time or returning? No problem.  Here is what to expect:


My office is conveniently located in So. Eugene in the Willamette St. Professional building (Brick exterior- large exterior pillars) where you will find ample visitor parking. The lower lobby is located at street level.  After parking, come down the short ramp to the exterior door facing Willamette St. You are in the right place if you see the colorful hands logo on the door. 

Come into the lobby , take a seat and wait for me.  I will be with you in a few minutes of your arrival; If you arrive a few minutes after expected,  please text "HERE" (541-520-3458) and I'll come and open the door for you.  If you arrive more than 10 minutes late keep in mind that I may not be able to extend your table time if I am tighly scheduled that day.  The building's interior door leading to my office and restrooms remains locked.  If you should need assistance with walking or wheeling the ramp to the door or if you need to arrive earlier than expected or planning on having a companion in attendance, please make arrangements ahead of time so that preparations can be made for you.

imagePreparing for your  first visit:   Please arrive at your scheduled time but do allow for ten to fifteen minutes extra in your day's schedule planning, to create space for our inital meeting so that you will feel relaxed at the end of session.   This also allows you time for dressing and ease to your next destination.  If you are new to massage, it's a good idea to limit eating a heavy meal just before your session, as you will be laying down and this might be uncomfortable while your body is processing food. A light snack is fine.   It is customary to wear comfortable easily removbable clothing or if comming from work to bring a change of clothing if redressing in work attire isn't wanted. If you shower ahead and have long hair, please try and dry your hair ahead of time or put it up.  If you have long hair and customarily wear it down, putting it up will be helpful when receiving a massage.  If you wear jewlry, it is customary to remove things from around the neck while receiving massage.  If you need to leave things on, no problem, I can accomodate. 

Hygiene,  Athletes and everyone, If you shave, refrain from doing that on the day of your scheduled appointment so that your skin has a chance to heal. Facial shaving is not a problem as touch here is typically limited with the application of topical oils or lotion.  Though, rare, some people can experience sensitivity,  when lotion or oils are put onto freshly shaved skin such as the legs, for example.  If you are a person who enjoys the scent of perfume and cologne, I ask that you donot use it before your appointment.  Please do not use intoxicants before arriving to your appointment as it can mask the effects of massage, limit your perception of pain and put you at risk for an undesirable outcome.

My policy about Colds and illness; If you think you are comming down with an illness, please TEXT 541-520-3458 or call immediately to reschedule even if you are within a day or two of your appointed  time. If you arrive on the day of your appointment while sick, you will be asked to reschedule.  

You must be clear of all symptoms (sniffles, sore throat, cough, fever, chills-aches, sneezing, and chest and sinus congestion) for a minimum of 3 days (72 hours) after the last symptom before receiving massage.  Taking temporary medication to alleviate discomfort does not constitute being free of symptoms or illness.  If uncertain please ask.  By rescheduling, you are giving yourself time to get better.  It also keeps the massage table, your Massage Therapist, “Me” and my other clients clear of contagious exposure. Beyond that, it is highly recommended that you give yourself at least a week of being completely well.  Experience has shown that it is in your best interest to delay receiving a massage until you are clear of illness. Having a massage when your body hasn't fully recovered can actually make you feel worse instead of better and after all, the massage will be better when you are too! 

Lobby greet and meet,
If you are a new client, you will be given a short one page health form. To save a step, consider doing that ahead of time by going to the forms page and download a copy to fill out before you come in and return it on appointment day. It's ok too if you would prefer to wait and do it when you arrive. We will visit briefly, I'll answer any questions you might have,  and then confirm how best to address your present needs once we are in your massage room.  To encourage a more serene experience for yourself  consider adjusting your phone to airplane or quiet mode before settling in.

imageIn the massage room
After being shown to your massage room and after confirming preferences,  I will close the door and leave you to privately undress to the level of your comfort. In keeping to the benefits of body work, the more clothing that is removed, the easier it is  to apply lotion or oil to your body.

Once undressed you will move onto the massage table and lie face down  under the covers, making sure you are securly covered by the top sheet and blanket.  I will always communicate before re-entering your room.  By knocking on the door and speaking to you before completely entering,  will assure your privacy and confirm you are ready.

The Massageimage
Lotion or oil  will be used on your skin. Tell  me if you have allergies, likes or dislikes. I use unscented organic and paraben free oils and lotions at Whole Life Massage but do let me know if you have a preference for which you would like on your skin.  Sometimes other essential oils, such as lavender or lemon balm for example or  oils with similar properties can be used during your massage for added benefit, depending on the type of massage you are receiving.  I will check with you from time to time to make sure your experience is positive. 

imageYour body will be draped by a sheet at all times, this is for modesty and to help maintain warmth, exposing only the body part or area specifically being massaged in that moment: Areas typically worked include neck, head, face, shoulders, arms, hands, back, buttocks, legs, and feet.  You will be asked to turn over nearer to the completion of your massage time, so that the the tops of your legs, arms, head, neck and face will be massaged, depending on the type of massage you are receiving. 

If you have a strong preference for not being touched in one of these areas please say so. You never need to be uncomfortable. 

Everybody has preferences.  Some clients like more time in certain areas or will focus an entire sesion in a specific area, like upper body for example.

Though infrequent, it is perfectly acceptable to have someone request to remain fully clothed or partially so, during treatment.  This is particularly helpful if someone has an ambulatory issue and is challenged with dressing. In this case, I can adjust the massage so that you will receive the maximum beneifit with this type of approach.  Sometimes with athletic sports work,  or when addressing a specific  treatment application,  it is customary to wear clothing appropriate for assisted stretch and release type input and movement.  If you are uncertain you can always sort that out ahead of your appointment, depending on your current treatment needs.

If a long time has elapsed since having bodywork, please tell me if you have had any significant health issues, injury, recent surgeries or if your preferences have changed. Its ok to be vocal.

You are encouraged to be actively involved in your treatment, particularly if you have questions, speak up!  its ok to keep chat to a minimum too, especially if you are simply here to relax and ease stress.

imageYour session time is designed to support you in what you need at the time of each and every visit.

You are always welcome to express your preferences, afterall  I am here to serve you!

See you soon! 


Cancellation  and rate policy:   If you are unable to keep your appointment or need to reschedule please kindly give 24 hours cancellation notice, otherwise you will be expected to pay for your missed appointment.  This policy applies to the use of pre-payment options, vouchers, gift certificates and other reserved massage services. Please note, if you are wanting appointments after 6pm premium rates will apply, please add $20.00 to our standard rates. Thank you.