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30 Minute Mender $45

Refresh with this focused 30 min massage. Great choice for those wanting relief in a specific area of tension or for those who have limited time or prefer less time without a full-body massage.

60 Min Massage $85

Great for relief and relaxation relieving tension held areas such as stiff neck and upper and low back and leg muscle tightness. 

90 Minute Massage $128

Slightly slower tempo, experience deep relaxation and overall tension relief with this massage with more table time.

Prenatal Massage Therapy $90

This massage is specifically designed to alleviate many of the discomforts experienced throughout pregnancy, such as low back, hip and joint pain due to postural changes influenced by baby's development.  A prenatal session is the perfect retreat respite for Mamma with an emphasis on attentive comfort.

Firm Pressure Therapeutic Bodywork $148

Specific pressure applied at deeper levels in the course of 75 to 90 minutes in releasing chronic tight areas possibly due to misalignment, repetitive motion and past lingering restrictions. This type of work can feel slightly uncomfortable so open communication with your therapist is crucial in making sure you are OK with the level of pressure used. Temporary next day soreness happens and ingesting plenty of water will aid your recovery.