Hi,  Jody here.   

Glad you stopped by.      

I've had to make some changes that will soon be implimented due to the pandemic.  It's been stressfull and devistating for so many of us.  In acknowldedgement of those who are no longer here, grief and sadness:  A river, a torrent.

Cheers and love to all the people and First Responders who are doing their best to serve, cope and keep carring for those in need. 

I pray and have God's faith that with time our Nation will heal from the fear and insanity as we continue to take action, altering our course so that love is always at the center. 

In my wildest worries, Covid-19 was never something I ever thought I'd have to prepare for in my career. 

And the most recent grief  from tragic loss of life in acknowlegment of Black Lives Matter, and it matters, and protests; heartbreaking.  We still have more to do and so much farther to go.

imageIn my own small way, in our town, I will continue to give comfort to you who seek touch for all the reasons that bring you.

God Blesss and restore,




Jody Green B.S., LMT, CIMI
Owner/Principal Whole Life Massage
Licensed Massage Therapist #7660
Prof. Member American Massage Therapy Assoc. 

Resume given on request

Years of experince: 19 Plus,   Professionally licensed since 2001

Jody Green, B.S. LMT, CIMI©
Licensed Massage Therapist #7660

Specialties: Pain relief, Sports-athletic performance, Pregnancy, Relaxation-stress & anxiety reduction, Pre &            Post Surgery, Elder-Wise Massage,  Massage Instructor.


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