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Pain and tension is very distracting when life swerves you off balance.  Massage when applied correctly is an excellent way to bring you back into optimal functioning.

Particularly with stress, after you experience a massage, a noticable and immediate awareness brings your focus to a realization that you are no longer holding that same level of tension when you first arrived. 

One of the many reasons why  I love this work and why I am so enthusiastic of it's benefits,  is to hear when my clients  say  how massage has sustained them through all the ups and downs life throws at them,  whether it's relief from stress, injury,  or recovery. 

Giving yourself massage time is one of the best ways to support your whole self, and refill your wellness resevoir! 

Give me a call, and get scheduled, I look forward to seeing you soon!

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Jody Green B.S., LMT, CIMI
Owner/Principal Whole Life Massage
Licensed Massage Therapist #7660
Prof. Member American Massage Therapy Assoc. 

Resume given on request

Years of experince: 19 Plus,   Professionally licensed since 2001

Jody Green, B.S. LMT, CIMI©
Licensed Massage Therapist #7660

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Specialties: Pain relief, Sports-athletic performance, Pregnancy, Relaxation-stress & anxiety reduction, Pre & Post Surgery, Elder-Wise Massage,  Massage Instructor.


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