First Time


First time or returning? No problem.  Here is what to expect:



Whole Life Massage is conveniently located on the ground floor of the Oak Street building, between Pearl and Oak on 16th Avenue. image

We have been informed of an ongoing construciton project beginning mid February 2019 near the the corner of Pearl and 16th Ave. You will find metered parking on Oak and 16th as well as free parking at the Annex Parking lot across the street from our building.  Please give yourself plenty of time to find parking if new to our area. 

If arriving by bike,  you will find a covered bike rack conveniently located inside the courtyard enclosure behind the sidewalk gate, nearest our enterance.



 A reminder:  Our entry door is locked between sessions.  If you should need assistance with walking to our building or if you need to arrive early, please make arrangements ahead of time so that we can prepare for you. The door will be open within a few minutes of your appointment time. 

Hygiene,  Athletes and ladies, If you shave, refrain from doing that on the day of your scheduled appointment so that your skin has a chance to heal. Though, rare, some people can experience sensitivity with the application of lotion or oils on freshly shaved skin.  A mention about Colds and illness, if you think you are comming down with an illness, please call immediately to reschedule even if you are within a day or two of your appointed  time.  You must be free of all symptoms (sniffles, sore throat, cough, fever) for a solid 3 days (72 hours) before considering massage.  This gives you wellness recovery time  and helps our office, staff and clients stay clear of contagious exposure.   

imageLobby greet and meet,
If you are a  new client, you will be given a short one page health form. To save a step, consider doing that ahead of time by going to our forms page and download a copy to fill out before you come in. It's ok too if you would prefer to wait and do it when you arrive. Your therapist will visit  briefly, answer any questions you might have and to confirm how things will go duirng your  massage time.

Be sure to turn off your cell phone, to encourage a more serene experience for yourself, and others.  If you need to leave it on for emergency reasons,  tell your therapist so they can support you.

imageIn the massage room
Your therapist will direct you to your massage room where you can privately undress to the level of your comfort. In keeping to the benefits of body work, the more clothing that is removed, the easier it is for your therapist to apply lotion or oil to your body.

Once undressed , on the massage table, slip in under the covers, unless told otherwise. 

The massage therapist will always communicate before re-entering your room.  by knocking on the door and speaking to you before entering. This assures your privacy.

The Massage
Lotion or oil  will be used on your skin. Tell  your therapist if you have allergies, likes or dislikes. We use unscented organic and paraben free oils and lotions at Whole Life Massage but do let your therapist know if you have a preference for which you would like on your skin.  Sometimes other essential oils, such as lavender or lemon balm for example or  oils with similar properties
can be used during your massage for added benefit, depending on the type of massage you are receiving.  The therapist will also check with you from time to time to make sure your experience is positive. 

imageYour body will be draped by a sheet at all times, this is for modesty and to help maintain warmth, exposing only the body part or area specifically being massaged in that moment: Areas typically worked include neck, head, face, shoulders, arms, hands, back, buttocks, legs, and feet.  You will be asked to turn over nearer to the completion of your massage time, so that the the tops of your legs, arms, head, neck and face will be massaged, depending on the type of massage you are receiving. 

If you have a strong preference for not being touched in one of these areas please say so. You never need to be uncomfortable. 

Everybody has preferences.  Some clients like more time in certain areas or will focus an entire sesion in a specific area, like upper body for example.

Though infrequent, it is perfectly acceptable to have someone request to remain clothed or partially so, during treatment.  This is particularly helpful if someone has an ambulatory issue and is challenged with dressing. In this case, your therapist will adjust the type of work so that you will receive the maximum beneifit with this type of approach.   

If you have not had a massage for a long time, please tell your therapist if you have had any significant health issues, recent surgeries or if your preferences have changed. Its ok to be vocal.

You are encouraged to be actively involved in your treatment, particularly if you have questions, speak up!  its ok to keep chat to a minimum too, especially if you are simply here to relax and ease stress.

imageYour session time is designed to support you in what you need at the time of each and every visit.

You are always welcome to express your preferences, afterall we are here to serve you!

See you soon! 


Cancellation  and rate policy:  Please Note: Your time is valuable as is ours and we schedule and pay staff according to your reserved time. If you are unable to keep your appointment or need to reschedule please kindly give 24 hours cancellation notice, otherwise you will be expected to pay for your missed appointment.  This policy applies to the use of pre-payment options, vouchers, gift certificates and other reserved massage services. Please note, if you are wanting appointments after 6pm premium rates will apply, please add $20.00 to our standard rates. Thank you.