COVID-19 March 17, 2020 update:

Office Closed Until Further Notice

With the added community pressure, increase in cancellations and freeze on usual non-essential activities, reducing exposure seems the prudent course of action at this time.

Recent developments about Covid-19, concerning Lane County and 4-j school closures, office closures, social distancing limitations with our Governor's updated announcements as well as my own American Massage Therapy Association's and Oregon Licensing Board's recommendations following the CDC and Oregon Health Authority, I have made the choice to temporarily close my office until further notice.

To be sure, as a healthcare professional, when business returns, I will continue following rigorous protocols concerning the sanitizing of linens using bleach and disinfectants on each and every load as well as additional daily swipe downs on all hard surfaces using medical grade disinfectant. Thank you for your understanding.

Stay Well,

J. Green


For The Future:
Regardless of Covid-19 and all said previously, a mention about my established policy about colds and flu:
If you think you are coming down with an illness, please TEXT 541-520-3458 or call immediately to reschedule even if you are within a day or two of your appointed time. If you arrive on the day of your appointment while sick, you will be asked to reschedule.
You must be clear of all symptoms (sniffles, sore throat, cough, fever, chills-aches, sneezing, and chest and sinus congestion) for a minimum of 3 days (72 hours) after the last symptom before receiving massage.
Taking temporary medication to alleviate discomfort does not constitute being free of symptoms or illness. If uncertain please ask.
By rescheduling, you are giving yourself time to get better. It also keeps the massage table, your Massage Therapist, “Me”  clear of contagious exposure.  If I become sick  from having been in close contact with an ill client then I can't work as a self employed person and that means a financial time loss for me and my family. 
Experience has shown that it is in your best interest to delay receiving a massage until you are clear of illness. Having a massage when your body hasn't fully recovered can actually make you feel worse instead of better because your body is working hard to complete it's process in your recovery. On the surface, it seems like massage would help with the discomforts associated with recovery, but internally, massage increases circulation and puts more stress into your system increasing a metabolic response. Beyond the mentionables here, it is highly recommended  that you give yourself at least a week of being completely well.  After all, the massage will be better when you are too!
Thank you for your understanding,
J. Green, B.S., LMT
Whole Life Massage